Drysuit Snorkeling in Silfra, Iceland | Free Photos | Small Groups (6 max)

Snorkeling in Silfra is truly once in a lifetime experience! National Geographic describes Silfra as one of the top dive sites in the world.
Available: All year
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 2 - 3 hours
Minimum Age: 12
Pick Up: Not available
Price: ISK 12.900
Reviews: 30 reviews

Tour Highlights

✅ Guided snorkeling tour in Silfra Fissure – Silfra Hall, Silfra Cathedral, Big Crack and Silfra Lagoon
✅ Small-Group Guarantee – 6 persons max per group
✅ One of the world’s top dive sites.
✅ Enjoy snorkeling between the American and European continental plates
✅ Beautiful surrounding area of the Thingvellir UNESCO world heritage site.
✅ Crystal clear waters – amazing underwater visibility
✅ Free photos from the tour
✅ Small-groups & personal experience
✅ Certified PADI dive guide / Dive-master
✅ Drysuit and other snorkeling equipment that will keep you warm and dry
✅ Hot drinks and cookies after the trip

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Tour Details

Price: Morning tour ISK 14.900 / Afternoon tour ISK 12.900
All year.
Meeting point: Thingvellir National Park Information CentreThe information center is located on your left-hand side when traveling from Reykjavik, right next to the campsite.
GPS: Latitude: 64.279441 – Longitude: -21.08862 – View on Google Maps HERE
Meeting time: 15 minutes before tour start time.
Bring with you: Thick socks, contact lenses if you wear glasses, long underwear and change of clothes (just in case) & a towel.
Group size: 6 persons per guide.
Duration: 2-3 hours (you will be in the water for around 30-40 minutes)
Included: Guided snorkelling tour, free photos, snorkeling equipment, hot drinks & cookies after the trip and Silfra entrance fee.

NOTE: Participants must have read, signed and followed directions on the Snorkeling Silfra Medical Statement Form – click here
(You can sign the form at the meeting location.)


  • Be physically fit
  • Be at least 12 years of age
  • Not be pregnant
  • Be at minimum 45kg (99 lbs) / maximum 120kg (264 lbs)
  • Be at minimum 145cm (4’9) tall/maximum 200cm (6’7) tall
  • Have read and signed the Silfra Snorkling Medical Statement – click here
    (You can sign the form at the meeting location.)
  • Be comfortable in water and be able to swim
  • Be ready to wear a sometimes tight & constricting dry suit

Tour Description

Snorkeling in Silfra is truly once in a lifetime experience! National Geographic describes Silfra as one of the top dive sites in the world. Find out for yourself as you glide between tectonic plates floating on pure, filtered glacial meltwater. This is the ultimate bucket list trip. Only available in Iceland.

30 reviews

  1. Definitely a highlight of an amazing trip!!!

    My wife booked this trip for us as a birthday gift to me and I am super glad she did. The entire experience was amazing and Neil was a key part of it. Silfra is beautiful beyond words and the experience is one that I will treasure.

    As for the tactile parts of the trip, Neil was super easy to work with and really made sure that we were having a great time beginning to end. I am a diving instructor in Boston and I knew immediately that Neil knew what he was talking about and really cared about our safety. He also took extra care to make sure my wife, who is not a diver or even strong swimmer, had an amazing experience.

    If you are in Iceland for any reason, please make sure this is a part of your itinerary, you definitely won’t regret it!

    -Review taken from Tripadvisor

  2. Amazing Silfra Snorkeling Tour

    Snorkeling in Silfra was the highlight of our trip! The crystal blue waters are so clear that the visibility can be up to 120m. I did this tour back in 2011 and going back again in March 2018 did not disappoint! Cordelia our guide was lovely and made the experience extra special by giving us an interesting overview of the area, and a cosy hot chocolate afterward! Thanks Cordelia 🙂

    -Review taken from Tripadvisor

  3. Stunning water, great guide, NOT THAT COLD!

    We did a snorkelling tour of Silfra on our first day of exploring Iceland. Tip – do the 2.30pm trip and you’ll have the water to yourselves! I was really worried about getting cold, but you wear a toasty thermal onesie under your drysuit, so apart from cold fingers (you get given neoprene mittens which help) and a bit of cold face (which you don’t really notice after a while) I stayed really warm. Our guide was a lovely lady called Cordelia, who was incredibly friendly, she instantly put everyone at ease and was amazingly knowledgeable, helpful, and professional throughout. She knew so much about Silfra and the area, and also took loads of photos throughout the tour which she emailed to us all the same day. The actual snorkelling was stunning, amazing visibility and hues, it felt incredibly surreal and very special. Would definitely recommend this as part of your trip.

    -Review taken from Tripadvisor

  4. Awesome experience-thanks Weston!

    This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip to Iceland! It’s an incredibly unique experience, snorkeling in crystal clear water with some spectacular views. Weston was a great guide who explained the history of the area, what to expect, and tips to make it even more comfortable/enjoyable. He helped each of us get into our dry suits and made sure they were properly sealed. The only parts of your body that will be cold during the swim are your hands and a small portion of your face. The pictures taken exceeded expectations and were emailed out very quickly. Would highly recommend this tour, book it now and you won’t regret it!

    -Review taken from Tripadvisor

  5. A unique, amazing experience!

    Snorkeling in Silfra was our “top 3” things we did in Iceland… It’s an experience like no other! My husband and I would highly recommend doing this, we took the 2pm-ish tour and it was the best, because it’s the last tour so we practically had it to ourselves.

    Weston was our guide, he was the friendliest, explained everything clearly, made us feel safe, and took amazing pictures of our experience!

    The experience is hard to describe in words. Weston provided “dry suits” for everyone and “sealed” us on our neck and wrists, so the 2ºC water won’t get in your suit. The only place you feel water is your face and hands, but you kinda get used to it quickly.

    The views are amazing! You can drink the water as you swim, as it’s the clearest and purest water in the world.

    Without a doubt, this tour is one you can’t miss if you’re in Iceland!!!

    -Review taken from Tripadvisor

  6. Amazing experience

    My sister and I did the snorkeling tour on March 21, and had a great time thanks to Iceland Advice.

    Iceland Advice keeps its tours small, so the guides are able to be more attentive to the each individual in the group, and the whole process goes a lot smoother. Our group for the day was supposed to consist of the max amount of people, but the others never showed up. So basically, my sister and I had a private tour. How great is that?

    Like many others that think of doing an underwater tour of Silfra, my sister and I were worried about how cold the water would be, and whether or not we would actually be able to go through with the snorkeling tour. It didn’t help that in the group that went into the water before us, someone decided to quit right after she got into the water. Our awesome guide Weston was a great support system. He assured us that we had nothing to worry about, and that the suits that Iceland Advice provided would keep us warm. He was right. The whole time that I was in the water, my body was warm. During the tour, Weston always checked up on us to see if we were still doing okay, and helped us take tons of cool pictures. He was very knowledgeable about the history of Silfra, as well as the surrounding areas and other parts of Iceland. To make things even better, Weston’s services didn’t stop after the tour. He went the extra mile and even gave us advice about where to go and what to see during the rest of our time in Iceland. He also let us know that if we had any questions, we could email Iceland Advice and he would help us as best as he could. He definitely went above and beyond to make sure that we had a great time. The snorkeling experience definitely wouldn’t have been the same without him.

    Because I had such a great experience with this tour, I would definitely consider doing another tour with Iceland Advice in the future. Thanks, Iceland Advice!

    -Review taken from Tripadvisor

  7. AWESOME Silfra Snorkeling Tour Guided by Weston at Iceland Advice

    Do it! You won’t be disappointed. Surprisingly it is the highlight of our March 2018 trip besides the northern lights! Well worth the money. If you are debating between the ice cave and this snorkeling tours, spend on this tour definitely. Request for Weston if you can. He is sooooo good.
    We booked with Iceland Advice (IA) instead of other tour providers because of their reviews, price, complimentary photos and tour times offered. We cannot be happier with our choice. We seem to be in a much smaller group than other tour operators. IA seems to be more authentic with less commercial advertisement. We went on a 2:30PM tour which was great because we were the last group. We didn’t feel rushed or crowded at all. Here is our experience which may help you to decide:
    – The beauty is hard to describe in words. So go see it for yourself.
    – It was not cold to me at all. They dress you with a warm suit (like a sleep bag) and then a dry suit over it. They will seal you around the neck and wrists. The only part exposing to the water is a small part of your face and hands.
    – Our guide Weston is a cold water diving expert. He is very thorough to dress you and explaining everything. Definitely made me feel confident before entering the water.
    – While in water, Weston made sure we saw as much as possible. He took so many great photos for everyone. He was a scene himself because he can swim like fish. It was beautiful to watch him diving down. He let us take our time to explore since we were the last group.
    – When we were finishing up the tour, Weston also provided us a lot of tips and information for the rest of our visit. Have I mentioned he was awesome 🙂
    One tip for you if you plan to take this tour: there are the Thingvellir Information Center (our meeting place) and the Thingvellir Visitor Center. Make sure you go to the right one if your meeting place is still at the Information Center. Google map didn’t work well in the national park so we had a little scrambling finding the meeting place.
    Happy travels!

    -Review taken from Tripadvisor

  8. Sylfra Snorkelling - Really nice

    Really nice tour guide, we loved to have Cordelia as our guide. The water is really clear, it’s impressive how clear it is. Too bad it’s too cold to have some fish in the water too, this would make the experience even greater.

    Highly recommend this company, great service, and even considerable cheaper than the competition, with high quality pictures included! 🙂

    -Review taken from Tripadvisor

  9. Snowy Silfra

    Don’t let the Icey waters of this magnificent country deter you, snorkeling Silfra with Iceland Advice is a must! With a small group (max 6), surprisingly warm dry suits and an amazing guide (Wes) who dressed me when my extremities had shut down from the sub zero temperatures! I couldn’t recommend this company higher to guide us through this once in a lifetime experience! Not only is the snorkel amazing but the information behind the constantly separating plates is fascinating! Thanks Iceland Advice and more so Wes! 🙂

    -Review taken from Tripadvisor

  10. Once in a lifetime experience with a great guide

    Must do activity while in Iceland, and Cordelia was the ideal guide. A fountain of knowledge combined with a genuine love of this unique landscape. She was also very patient and ensured we were all looked after. Her wonderful photos which she shared, and the cookies and hot chocolate at the end of the swim were just bonuses. Highly recommended.

    -Review taken from Tripadvisor.

  11. Fabulous experience and awesome staff

    Diving silfra is by far our best and most exciting Iceland experience !
    Neil and his friend took care of EVERYTHING every little detail and prepared us smoothly and with lot of humour for the breath taking quiet unusual activity ! Starting by giving us a nice briefing about the region of thingvellir national park , Helping us to wear the dry suit and giving us every single advice of how to snorkel silfra even if it wasn’t our first snorkel.
    We were worried a bit about the cold weather (-9 degrees this day) but once in water we didn’t at all feel the cold.
    Neil took care of taking nice photos of us in the water than sent them to us by email (thank you Neil).
    A special Thanks to Neil and his friend for escorting us to the next fuel station (about 30 km drive ) since we had ran out of fuel !
    Thanks guys you made our experience with you unforgettable !

    -Review from TripAdvisor

  12. Silfra Snorkeling

    What a great experience! We were a little worried about it being too cold in the winter, but the suits were much warmer than whatever we had worn there. It’s tough to figure out which tours to pay for as there were so many, but I’d definitely recommend this one. Our guide, Weston, was really knowledgeable and fun so that added to the experience as well. He gave us some solid recommendations over hot chocolate after the tour.

    -Review from TripAdvisor

  13. Snorkeling in Silfra

    I bought this trip for my girlfriends 30th birthday! she was really scared of the cold waters and almost did not do it! but she loved it! it was amazing! We decided to do it Winter because the temperature of water is the same all year round (2 degrees) and the drysuit they provide you with is very warm! plus snorkeling in winter?! the thought is amazing, but the experience itself was incredible! surrounded by snowy mountains! must do in Iceland. oh, did I mention you snorkle between North Amercian and Euroasia tectonic plates? 🙂

    -Review from TripAdvisor

  14. Silfra Snorkel AMAZING!

    We snorkeled dead in the middle of winter in 36F water. Wet suits worked perfectly and dive was very comfortable. Our guide, Neil, was the man! Great personality and very knowledgeable. We got a fair amount of data on the geography of our dive as well as guidance throughout. He took plenty of pictures and we received them the same day, as promised. Best value for snorkeling in Silfra without a doubt! Must do while in Iceland!

    -Review from Tripadvisor

  15. Snorkeling at Silfra

    This was one of the highlights of our trip– super worth it! We snorkeled on December 23 and would 100% recommend others book this no matter the season. Neil was extremely knowledgable and answered our questions every step of the way. Only your hands and face even get wet, and only my fingers felt cold. The views were fantastic. I highly recommend you book with Iceland Advice! It’s a small company and has a very personal feel. I would do this snorkeling experience again in a heartbeat. The photos were also a definite plus. Thanks, Neil, and Iceland Advice!

    -Review from Tripadvisor

  16. Snorkelling in Silfra with Neil

    We did the snorkelling tour directly on our first day in Iceland. We decided for Iceland Advice after reviewing all the positive feedback on trip advisor and have to say that all of this is true. We had the pleasure to do our tour with Neil and Cordelia, both really really nice, very helpful and also funny! My friend was afraid of the cold at first but after Neil showed us the second warm layer that we will be wearing under the dry suit she felt more comfortable. For all of you that are still undecided whether to do this trip in the winter we can really recommend it and the water is not as cold as you might think.
    Cordelia & Neil, a special thank you for giving us this awesome experience and your kindness throughout the day! We highly recommend you 🙂

    -Review from Tripadvisor

  17. Brilliant Experience

    We did snorkelling in yesterday in minus 10 degrees. The instructor, Neil was brilliant and very reassuring as to the water temperature. I was a bit iffy as to how I would cope with the cold water but everything was explained and all the equipment they give you keeps you so nice and warm. It was also very interesting to hear the historical and geological side to this great extreme excursion. You are given a nice hot drink and some cookies after. Neil our instructor took photos the whole time and we were e-mailed them for free after. Really nice man. The lady who helped him was also really lovely (I think her name was Claudia…sorry if I got that wrong) both amazing instructors. I would do it all over again. If your scared about doing this, don’t be! You won’t be cold and it’s an amazing experience! Do it!

    -Review from Tripadvisor

  18. No questions needed - Book with Iceland Advice!

    Its VERY weird to find something on Trip Advisor with 100% rave reviews, but seriously, they deserve it. We snorkelled on the 19th Dec and our instructor Neil was absolutely fantastic. He was knowledgeable, made you feel totally at ease and just made it even more fun. Snorkelling in Iceland, in December IS mad but it’s something you will never forget. The moment my face hit the water and I saw what was underneath, I honestly didn’t want to leave and I am usually fairly scared of open / deep water. We were allowed to ‘wander’ for 20 mins at the end of the guided tour and its mesmerising! I genuinely could have stayed there all day despite the cold water. The pics given to us afterwards are also great! We were given about 30+ photos from a go pro which is way more than expected. Even though Neil (our guide) didn’t come with the pimped changing vans that the other providers seemed to have, getting changed open air just added to the experience and his help getting on those dry suits is also, very much needed! Lastly, his hot chocolate and cookies afterwards are VERY welcome. All I can say is DO IT! and say Hi to Neil for us 🙂

    -Review from Tripadvisor

  19. Amazing experience and fantastic guide

    We drove to Silfra Ravine nervous about the water temperature and questioning why we booked the snorkelling in the first place!

    From start til end, Neil was very reassuring and made the whole experience fantastic. you are wrapped up very warm and the water is not that cold once you get into it. The views were incredible and you must do this if you are visiting Iceland.

    For the price and excellent guide in Neil (plus the added bonus of being sent photos from the day the evening after you have snorkeled), you must do this activity through Iceland Advice.

    -Review from Tripadvisor

  20. Neil, there is a huge fish down there!!

    Wow. What an experience that I will never forget. The guide (Neil) truly is an expert and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I can not speak highly enough of his knowledge and ability to ensure that you feel safe all the way throughout. One of the highlights for me was seeing a huge fish near the bottom at Silfra which was amaaaaaaazing! Neil went above and beyond to ensure we had the best of experiences that concluded nicely with some warm hot chocolate and cookies! Thanks mate, I really appreciate it and all the best for the future.

    -Review from Tripadvisor

  21. snorkelling silfra with neil

    my friend booked this snorkelling trip for her, me, and our boyfriends, and what a perfect choice!! we all had great fun! i was a bit nervous at first because of the constricting suits (which is totally necessary to keep you warm and dry, and worked wonderfully) but the guide, neil, and his lovely assistant, were both very accomodating and reassuring during the entire experience! the beginning of the swim was made easy by the current, but the turn at the end was against the current and got me super tired (because of the bulkiness of the suit and gear), but neil was kind enough to give me a big push to the end! he was super attentive to our small group of 6 and still took wonderful pictures! he even warmed us up in the beginning by pouring hot-ish water from a thermos into the wet-suit gloves (really made a huge difference)!! then they warmed us up at the end with hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies! and kept us warm in between by reminding us to put our gloves/hats on, or by providing us with some, during the cold parts on land (while they helped us squeeze through the suits)! the $150 was well worth it and if we had the cash, we would’ve tipped them (but it isn’t customary in iceland to tip), so i hope this review and our word of mouth to friends and family will be enough to show our gratitude! thanks again!!

    -Review from Tripadvisor

  22. Amazing experience(better than it looks)

    This is something I totally overlooked until a friend recommended it to me, and wow! It was so beautiful, calm and peaceful. The water was so clear and to be able to put one hand on the american tectonic plate and my foot on the eurasian plate…..words can’t describe it! Our tour guide, Neil from Iceland Advice was awesome and nothing was a bother for him- he made us feel safe throughout and took some great photos of us that he emailed back to us on the same day. The suits were amazing and kept us warm and we got hot chocolate and cookies after it. Don’t miss this if you’re visiting Iceland.

    -Review from Tripadvisor

  23. Snorkling in Silfra

    My boyfriend and I went snorkling at Silfra with Neil on 14 Dec!

    It was the most amazing experience we had in Iceland!
    The snow made it so beautiful and Neil went out of his way to make sure we weren’t cold with hot chocolate and cookies.
    The fissure is impressive and the water is crystal clear!
    Neil was great. He told us what to expect throughout the process and kept us well informed with his excellent and fun attitude.

    Highly recommend this tour especially in winter!

    -Review from Tripadvisor

  24. Fabulous and unique experience, not to miss!!

    This was one of our favorite trips we did during our 2 week trip to Iceland. Our guide Neil was great! He was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful! We liked that it was a smaller group which made it feel more personal. The overall experience was fantastic and we couldn’t recommend it more!! 🙂

  25. -15 Degrees and I still felt warm! MUST DO IN ICELAND

    Neil was fantastic and very good instructor. You might think that it is a little bit crazy going on a snorkeling trip in December. TRUST ME IT IS GOING TO BE THE BEST THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE!!!

    We spent more time in the water with Neil than other people using other companies which is added BONUS!

    Neil was also super awesome. There was a current and I was struggling alittle bit. I didn;t even tell him that I was struggling. He just came over and pushed me along!!!

    All our facebook friends are saying that the picture are so great and that it look so fun.

    If you want to make your friends jealous and want to have a fun time and have a cup of hot chocolate and unlimited biscuits in the end . JOIN THIS GROUP!!!!

    Marion Yau (London)

    -Review from Tripadvisor

  26. Excellent guide and super experience

    We were a group of 5 people, which was perfect for the snorkelling tour. Our guide was the best; he was super nice, gave us information about silfra and ready to help in every situation. He took wonderful picture, which we already got on the same day. After the snorkelling he provided us with hot chocolate and cookies and helped us to get out of the dry suits. It was really cold that day, but their equipment is perfect, so we weren’t freezing in the water. It was definitely one of the best experiences in Iceland and I can totally recommend to take the tour with Iceland Advice.

    -Review from Tripadvisor

  27. Silfra Snorkeling

    I chose Iceland Advice for snorkeling at Silfra because they responded quickly to my emails, had good reviews, and were the least expensive choice (and included photos). I was not disappointed! The guide was great — very nice and knowledgeable and made me feel like snorkeling in Iceland in December wasn’t a terrible idea. Silfra was amazing in every way — wearing a dry suit was quite an experience in itself, and the sights underwater were unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The entire tour took about 3 hours. After general instructions and history, it took quite a while to get the dry suit on. First you wear whatever thermals and socks you brought. On top of that goes a large fluffy onesie like outfit that keeps you toasty warm. On top of that, you have a dry suit. Then you get a hood, gloves, fins, and mask. Though your hands and face will get wet, it doesn’t feel cold until getting out of the water when you feel like your fingers and face might freeze off. Getting in and out of the outfit is quite an ordeal and why the tour is 3 hours, even though you’re only in the water 30 minutes. 30 minutes is definitely enough time to see everything under the water. After the tour, I got tons of pictures sent to me. I highly recommend Iceland Advice!

    Also, if you do this tour, note that the tour meets at the Thingvellir Information Center, not Visitors Center. The Visitors Center is the big building with a pay parking lot and tons of tour buses. The Information Center is past it on the main road, on the left, and is a much smaller building. We didn’t have a GPS, and I went to the wrong place, and luckily Iceland Advice was very accommodating and hadn’t left without me. Also, if you are driving from Reykjavik, it is about an hour drive, but adhere to the speed limit, as there are speed cameras! You may want to leave a bit earlier to have time to stop at some really pretty pull-offs where you can take pictures as the sun rises (depending on time of year). Finally, I was worried we wouldn’t have time to complete the Golden Circle in the daylight since the sun set around 4:00 when we were there. The tour ended around 1:00. We hustled to Geysir, Strokkur, and Gullfoss and saw all in daylight. We didn’t have time to stop for lunch or at Kerid or other places, and most of the drive back was in the dark. But it was doable.

    -Review from Tripadvisor

  28. The great experience of snorkling in december

    We had a really lovely time with Neil (Iceland Advice) during our snorkling adventure in Silfra! Amazing colours, beautiful sights underwater and a possitively weird experience to snorkle while it is freezing outside. I would definetly recommend Iceland Advice for the snorkling adventure!

    -Review from Tripadvisor

  29. Best company and Silfra snorkeling tour was amazing!

    We used Iceland Advice for the Silfra snorkeling tour. First, the company is fantastic—when you do pickup they pickup directly from your hotel (which is great since company’s like glacier guides do not). Second, our tour guides Manuel, Carlos and Ivan were amazing and made the tour extra special—Manuel provided us a great background on Iceland in the drive too. Third, the tour itself is a once in a lifetime excursion. Snorkeling in the glacier clear water between the continental divide is something my husband and I will never forgot! And definitely worth the cold!

    -Review from Tripadvisor

  30. Snorkelling in Silfra

    An absolutely amazing experience for all people. Neil our guide was fantastic we couldn’t have asked for anymore. The cold water isn’t a problem as thermal body suits are given and the water suits are buoyant so weak swimmers do not have to worry. If you’re going to Iceland this is a must just make sure you choose Iceland advice.

    The photos included in the price are awesome too. Thanks again Neil.

    Will & Donna

    -Review from Tripadvisor

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